Personal Approach

Baptism, Marriage, and Becoming a Catholic

Whether you're planning a wedding, a baptism, or you're thinking of joining the Catholic Church, we know that all circumstances are personal and there isn't a one-size-fits-all model. That's why Fr. Frankie, our Parish Priest asks that you let him know about it after a Sunday Mass. He'll then invite you to come along to a 'parish surgery' where you can drop in and discuss your request. 

First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion and First Confession programme is run in our primary school, Holy Family for year 3 pupils and up, from September - May. Part of the programme is for the young people to have regular lessons after school and along with their parents or carers to join the Parish community at one of our Sunday masses each weekend. There is also a sacramental Mass catered for the young people that happens once a month in the lead up to the beautiful day they have their First Confession and make their First Holy Communion. During this preparation time (September – May) the parents or carers will also be invited to important sessions on the Sacraments to learn more about the beauty, wonder and miraculous of Holy Communion and Confession. 

If your child is in the parish but does not attend a Catholic school, please see Fr. Frankie about organising for them to join the sacramental programme.


As you may be aware, pupils currently in year 6 will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation when they are in year 8 (Easter 2021). In preparation for this Sacrament, there is now a suggested two year plus programme in place, which includes retreat days, a summer camp and a confirmation 12 session preparation programme. This all begins with an invitation letter from Bishop John to the young people to continue their faith journey following on from their First Communion.  These letters are available at Holy Family primary and within the Diocesan Catholic primary schools. 

If your child is not in a Catholic school, please speak to Fr Frankie as he also has the invitation letters and register of interest forms.

Funerals & Anointing of the Sick

If you are going into hospital for a major operation or know a loved one who is seriously ill at this time and would benefit from the beautiful Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, please contact Fr. Frankie via email or phone below.


What is the Anointing of the Sick?

Pope Francis says this: The Anointing of the Sick imparts consolation, peace, and strength and unites the sick person, in his precarious situation and his sufferings, with Christ in a profound way. For the Lord experienced our fears and bore our pains in his body. For many people, the Anointing of the Sick brings about physical healing. But if God should decide to call someone home to himself, he gives him in the Anointing of the Sick the strength for all the physical and spiritual battles on his final journey. In any case, the Anointing of the Sick has the effect of forgiving sins.