Meet the team at St James & All Souls

Our team

Who we are

Parish Priest 

Fr Ian Farrell

Fr Ian wanted to be a priest from the age of five and every time he offers Mass he thanks God for granting him this gift.

Born in the Midlands, Fr Ian has lived in Salford Diocese since he was eleven apart from seven years spent in Rome, preparing for his ordination.

He really enjoys cooking, opera, gardening and trying to bring order to chaos. Growth in the knowledge and love of God is where he finds meaning and purpose.

Parish Administrator

Maura Stiles

Keeping our church running, Maura works in our office and can help you with any of your requests. Feel free to get in touch with her!

Member, SLT

Emmanuel Odiete

Emmanuel is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He also volunteers as a professional interviewer with The Institution of Mechanical Engineers here in the UK.

He is a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of our parish, also is in charge of the parish property and leads our parish's Strategy team, presidium of the Legion of Mary at the parish and is their Vice-President of the Manchester region.

During his spare time, Emmanuel love playing and watching football and his spiritual goal for the Parish is for a spirit filled and purpose driven church such that its members will represent God's light and Grace wherever they find themselves.

Member, SLT

Joyce Akangbou

Joyce specializes in Learning and Organizational development, is a member of SLT in our parish and leads the Hospitality Ministry. She loves to relax by either watching a good movie, learning new things or spending quality time with loved ones.

It is her dream that as a parish, we would work together to foster a close-knitted, love-filled community that is passionate about having a relationship with God through prayer and knowledge of His Word, such that it shows in every aspect of our daily lives.

Member, SLT

Annie Sykes

Annie is now retired and is a member of the SLT and leads the Outreach and Music ministries. She works with a variety of charities and action networks on behalf of our parish, so that we can support the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of both our parishioners and the local community.

It is her dream that we are transformed from a parish of maintenance to a parish of mission and she looks forward to further expansion and development of our parish mission, for the benefit of all.

Member, SLT

Prela Akangbou

Prela is a General Practitioner and a member of the SLT, and leads the communications and finance Ministries of the parish. He is passionate about systems improvement and fascinated about evangelism in a digital age.

When he is not working, he likes to listen to music, audiobooks, travel or play PS5. He also loves spending time with friends and loved ones.

It is his innermost desire to see this St James's family grow, develop and blossom in Christ's love into a large, loving family and parish, whose light would shine for all around to see and give glory to God.